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RAREsolutions is a competition with a conscience designed to educate, engage and empower: breaking down myths about rare disease; teaching about science; meeting RAREpeople; and seeing and creating amazing ways in which technology and engineering can make things possible.

RAREsolutions is a new and exciting competition launched by the Cambridge Rare Disease Network as part of its RAREfest18 event.
A two-day, free, public festival celebrating and raising awareness about rare disease by having fun with science, technology, research, and of course, inspirational RARE people.

Contestants from around Cambridgeshire and the UK take part armed with new knowledge and understanding about rare disease, their own creative ideas, and a helping hand from our RAREambassadors, scientists and inclusive designers.

You will be presented with a challenge by one of our RAREambassadors,  work as a team or independently to create a solution and present this on our poster template.

The result? You could possibly change someone’s life, and definitely enrich your own. Walk in someone else’s shoes, show off your STEM skills, develop your skills and confidence in project-based work.



It’s open to all UK residents in full-time education or training (year group 7-13 and Scottish/NI equivalent).

Online entries open in June
Deadline for submission is FRI 9 Nov 2018


A winner will be selected for each age group – Junior, Intermediate & Senior.

The overall winner will take the coveted title of Jonathan Milner’s RAREsolutions designer of the Year 2018 and will have an opportunity to pitch their idea to a VIP reception on 1 Dec 2018 to Cambridge’s biggest names in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and the rare disease community. 

RAREsolutions competition closes in...









If you’re a Cambridgeshire or neighbouring county school we can come and deliver a lesson for you with some fun activities about genetics and DNA, introduce you to an advocate who lives with a rare disease who’ll personally talk you through their condition and pose the competition challenge – something they need you to help them create a solution to. We’ll show some short films of amazing tech and engineering solutions to everyday accessibility problems – from tech giants like Microsoft to a teenager like you creating a tech solution miracle from his bedroom.

These sessions will take place in late Sept and early Oct 2018 to tie in with Jeans for Genes Day. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and see some videos of amazing tech and engineering solutions people have found to help people with disabilities lead more independent lives.
Get in touch
and we’ll arrange a date and time.

Don’t KNOW about Rare Disease? You’d be surprised!

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that swept the world? Where celebrities Mark Zuckerberg and Tom Cruise had a bucket of ice tipped over their heads for a charity? Well, that was about ALS, a rare neurological disease which the late cosmologist Prof Stephen Hawking lived with. Or perhaps you’ve seen actress Liz Carr in Silent Witness? Did you know she has a rare disease called Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita or AMC and has been a wheelchair user since the age of 7?

Rare Diseases are rare – there are some people living in the UK who are the only one with their condition.

Yet they’re also strangely common…

When you have a rare disease, things can be tricky. Whilst some have fewer physical symptoms, others can be devastatingly disabling. Stephen Hawking’s motor neurone disease was diagnosed at 21 and he was given 2 years to live. It gradually paralysed him over the decades. Even after the loss of his speech, he was still able to communicate through a , initially through use of a hand-held switch, and eventually by using a single cheek muscle. He went on to live a full and active life only recently passing away at the age of 76.

People and companies around the world are helping to create accessibility and inclusive solutions to everyday problems to help people live more independent lives.

Check out these ideas & the stories & people behind them for inspiration…

Read about Microsoft’s Soundscape App which supports people with low vision and blindness and watch the film about how this inclusive app came to be created.


And watch the news report about Shubham’s Lego braille printer for the blind.

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