Sue Routledge

Co-Founder and Chair of Pitt-Hopkins UK

Sue graduated in 1981 with a BSc in Mathematics and Education from UMIST and carried on to study for a PGCE and work as a teacher.

Sue is married with 3 boys. Christopher, her middle son was born 1991 and diagnosed with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome in 2007. She and her husband and Christopher now live in the Netherlands.

She is co-founder and chair of Pitt Hopkins UK, a registered charity since May 2016, managing both the international and UK google support group, moderating the Rare Connect community for Pitt-Hopkins syndrome and is one of three administrators of an International Facebook group. Sue also administrates the UK social media accounts and groups for Pitt-Hopkins and is a board member of the Dutch Pitt-Hopkins charity, started in 2009.  Sue and another parent are continuing to develop the free Pitt-Hopkins app and the Dutch charity are organising a World Congress for Better Guidelines for Pitt-Hopkins syndrome in May 2018.