Natalie Rebeyev

Natalie Rebeyev

CCN lead for Rare Disease Nurse Network. PhD Student University of Cambridge

Natalie is a PhD Student and Gates Cambridge Scholar in the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge.  Her PhD study is in establishing forward genetic screens for examination of the mammalian secretory pathway. Natalie developed a CRISPR/Cas9 forward genetic screen to identify factors required for trafficking of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus glycoprotein and carried out three CRISPR/Cas9 forward genetic screens to identify genes involved in cell surface expression of three cell surface receptors that may be targets of immune checkpoint therapy.

As Engagement Manager at the Cambridge Consulting Network, commissioned by the Cambridge Rare Disease Network,  Natalie led a team of 5 consultants  to establish the feasibility, cost, and operational requirements of a telemedicine pilot program for rare disease patients in Cambridgeshire, and later on a UK wide scale. The performed extensive research on existing telemedicine pilot studies carried out worldwide, contacted key opinion leaders in the field of healthcare, telemedicine technologies and data privacy and designed an exhaustive survey to understand needs and habits of Rare Disease patients.

Following analysis of data from survey to determine key operational requirements and potential models for the pilot the team have now executed cost analysis to conclude the potential funding required to set up a telemedicine pilot.

Natalie and colleague Saakshi Chadha have independently taken the project ahead with CRDN and are planning a business model for the Telemedicine Pilot study with 2 NHS hospitals and are applying for funding.