Dr Owen Vaughan

Regulatory Affairs Senior Director for ProMetic Pharma SMT

Owen Vaughan studied chemistry at Imperial College, London, UK and received his Ph.D. in 1989. He also obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Regulatory Affairs in 2004 from the University of Wales.

He has worked in a variety of European and global roles in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry based in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland. He is currently working in regulatory affairs as a Senior Director for ProMetic Pharma SMT, having previously worked for Johnson Matthey, Astra, Wyeth, Johnson & Johnson, Celgene and Taiho.

He has extensive experience in inflammation, immunology, haematology and oncology and has played a key role in bringing many innovative and life-changing products to the market and ensuring their availability to patients, including Enbrel®, Eprex®, Reminyl®, Orthoclone OKT3®, Regranex®, Thalidomide – Celgene, Revlimid®, Imnovid®, Otezla® and Lonsurf®. In his current role, he is focused on the development of new anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory products in a variety of disease settings, including very rare conditions such as Alström syndrome.

He is passionate about making science work for patients and helping them to make the best-informed decisions about their own treatment.