Dr. Ignacio Hernández Medrano

Dr. Ignacio Hernández MedranoClinical neurologist at the Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid and Co-Founder and Medical Director of Mendelian.co

After graduating in Medicine from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Ignacio trained in Health Management and became the executive director of the Ramón y Cajal Institute of Sanitary Research (500 researchers), a position which allowed him to combine the attention of patients with his strong interest in research. At the time he was also commissioned by the Spanish Ministry of Health to lead nationwide research studies on stroke epidemiology.

Ignacio is the co-founder and medical director of Mendelian.co, an online rare disease search engine developed at Imperial College London, already in use by clinicians and scientists in hospitals worldwide.

Ignacio regularly speaks at scientific conferences, his favourite themes includes the need of streamlining the rare disease diagnosis odyssey and how technology allows the democratisation of genomic tools in the clinic.