Lydia Meyer-Turkson

CEO of Locus Genetics

Lydia Turkson,myer-turkson-lydia MPhil MBA cofounded Locus Genetics Ltd around the need for clinically validated biomarkers of disease progression, drug safety and efficacy. The company is focused initially around a series of rare genetic diseases with an associated increased risk of cancer. The company has collaborations with the National Cancer Institute Bethesda to validate marker panels and access patient samples. Lydia has over 20 years of biomarker, diagnostic and cancer drug discovery commercial expertise at Epistem, Evotec and Quintiles and Becton Dickinson working in Europe and the US. Lately as Business Strategy Consultant for Horizon Discovery Ltd Lydia has been directly involved in setting up novel target discovery collaborations using CRISPR gene editing to find new drug targets for rare neurodegenerative diseases.