Dr. Elia Stupka

Dr. Elia Stupka started his genomics career as part of the Ensembl group and the core human genome analysis team in Hinxton, where he participated to the completion and analysis of the human genome (Nature,2001). He was then asked to setup and manage the Fugu genome bioinformatics team at IMCB, Singapore where he completed the Fugu genome project (Seliacience, 2003).

He then moved to the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, where he began combining his experience in bioinformatics with a molecular biology lab, working on the understanding of non-coding DNA, and where he also collaborated with the Fantom3 project (Science, 2005).

He was then Scientific Director at UCL Genomics, University College London, where he began applying NGS approaches on both rare and complex disease projects and exploring epigenomics approaches to identify novel biomarkers.

In 2011 he was asked to to establish a new research center at San Raffaele Research Hospital in Milan, Italy, the first translational genomics and bioinformatics center of its kind in Italy, serving a community of over 1,500 clinical and basic scientists across a wide range of clinical applications, where he contributed to the development of the genomics platform driving the gene therapy trials developed with GSK (which now lead to Strimvelis approval).

He then moved to Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, where he serves as Director of Genomics and Computational Biology.  Elia also serves as an advisor/consultant in several companies (Genialis Inc., Alkahest Inc., Healx Ltd, TBS Group), charity foundations  (Esperare Foundation) and as the head of the National Committee in Italy of the United World Colleges charity.