Dr Femida Gwadry-Sridhar

Founder and CEO of Pulse Infoframe Inc

femida-gwadry-sridharDr Femida Gwadry‐Sridhar is the Co‐Founder and CEO of Pulse Infoframe Inc. She has her PhD in Research Methodology, Health Economics, McMaster University. She is a pharmacist, epidemiologist and methodologist with over 25 years of experience in clinical trials, disease registries, knowledge translation, health analytics and clinical disease outcomes. She is the Founder of the first knowledge translation health informatics lab in North America in 2006,

creating a collaborative ecosystem for interdisciplinary research. In 2008 this facility I‐THINK research developed a physical and virtual platform to support multidisciplinary research. The platform has evolved to enable the integration of clinical, imaging and histopathology data.

Under her guidance they have commercialized these ventures.  More recently, Pulse has collaborated with international funding agencies advancing the requirements for rare disease registries.  Collecting relevant and actionable data in rare disease is particularly important and the team at  Pulse have addressed relevant questions about data sharing, governance, ontologies and patient reported outcomes- which are so key in understand real world evidence.

Dr Gwadry‐Sridhar received a career scientist award from CIHR as a New Investigator in knowledge translation‐ coupled with an operating grant. Over the span of her career she has obtained more than $10 million in funding for research as a principal investigator or co‐investigator, published in top tier journals and had the privilege of working alongside the best in the world of medicine and business.

She was a founding member of the ISPOR medication adherence group ‐providing an early glimpse into how to conduct research in adherence. She enjoys collaborating and has been fortunate to do so around the globe across different disciplines and cultures. This experience has resulted in a healthy understanding of the value of collaboration‐both as individuals and across the globe.